Massage – unusual types

Эротический массаж КиевMassage is a very useful thing, and not only for the bodily health of a person, but also for his emotional state too. Many use the services of this erotic massage in Kyiv for medicinal purposes, others to improve their mood, relax and relieve stress. Body massage is not only touching the hands of a specialist on the human body. You can use erotic massage in Kyiv in the most unusual ways, and these methods are certainly effective, helping to relax, heal the body and get an unforgettable experience from the procedure itself. There are four very unusual ways of massage, which will be discussed further.
1) The first – massage with golf balls. It (this massage) was invented by golfers themselves, invented and began to use on themselves, with muscle strains and pains in them. After that, many experts began to use such erotic massage, and recognized its restorative effectiveness. The technique of erotic body massage is simple, the balls are rolled over the human body, putting pressure on the right points, while the massage has a relaxing and tonic effect.
2) Second – snail massage, it is also called snail therapy. This type of massage comes from the land of the rising sun. The essence of such a massage is in the mucus that snails leave, crawling over the human body. This mucus contains a lot of different kinds of antioxidants, acids and proteins. Snail therapy perfectly moisturizes and tones the skin, heals wounds and even scars, and perfectly copes with burns and inflammation of the skin.
3) Third – massage with knives. This type of massage comes from the Middle Kingdom. With this type of massage, large knives, or rather cleavers, are used. The master lowers the cleaver on the human body, while acting on the right points, and does everything rhythmically, which allows you to feel pleasant warmth in the body, and the same pleasant tingling sensations. This type of massage improves blood circulation, promotes the removal of harmful toxins, as well as the release of unspent energy..
4) The fourth – perhaps the most exotic and most unique massage, is snake massage. During the procedure, four or five snakes (not poisonous) crawl over the human body, and accordingly share their warmth with the person. This type of massage is successfully used to provide psychological assistance for depression and neurosis, because it is precisely by overcoming the fear of snakes that you can relieve stress and achieve inner harmony.
Many medical organizations and modern beauty salons use data types of massage.