Erotic massage: relax and enjoy

Эротический массаж- способ расслабитьсяWhat do shopping, delicious food, cats and erotic massage have in common? The answer is obvious to the point of banality – for most of us, these are trouble-free ways to give ourselves, our beloved, pleasure. How erotic massage Kyiv different from other amenities? There are three answers here:
1. Firstly, not only you get pleasure, but also your partner (unlike cats, for example).
2. Secondly, eromassage is a pleasure from the category of uniquely useful. That is, when receiving it, you can relax – here an overdose is impossible (compare with shopping and sweets, with which you need to constantly control yourself).
3. And finally, a well-done erotic massage almost always implies an even more pleasant continuation…;)

Add degrees?

To move half-friendship-half-flirting to a new level, “add degrees” to the stable and already a little bit tired relationship of the “ideal couple”, just surprise your partner, awaken his still dormant desires and show yourself as an altruist in bed – erotic massage in Kyiv has a lot of advantages and no contraindications!
In order for the result to be worth the effort, you need to properly prepare. Ideally, to conduct “reconnaissance before the fight”, that is, to give a partner (or yourself, or the two of you) a trip to an erotic massage parlor. Why is this option the most preferred?
• The very atmosphere of the erotic massage parlor promotes relaxation and sets you up for pleasure. The erotic massage salon, with its subdued light, quiet melodic music and exciting aromas floating in the air, is a great alternative to everyday home decor.
• You can choose a massage for a couple, or take the fire on yourself, or order a massage for your soul mate and watch – the number of equally pleasant options rolls over!
• Erotic massage performed by professionals is not only an amazingly pleasant, but also an extremely useful procedure that tones the skin, removes blocks from tired muscles, and stimulates the work of internal organs.
• The pros have a lot to learn, so the opportunity to watch their work (and the reaction of a partner) is well worth it!
Of course, there are just an indecent number of varieties of erotic massage: for men, for women, for couples, for those who like to watch and play … What are the names: “Sakura branch”, “Foot fetish”, “Ice and flame”, “Infinity “… At the same time, the basic techniques and principles, as well as the sequence of actions, are the same for all types. We will stop on them.


Spotlights, chandeliers with twelve horns and other fluorescent lamps do little to relax and awaken secret desires, so drawn curtains, the intimate muffled light of a night lamp or candles are one of the main conditions.
And, of course, silence. As an option – quiet, rhythmic or viscous-slow music. Yes, yes, this is exactly the case when you should step on the throat of your own song and take away Nadezhda Kadysheva, Songs of the 90s, ACDC and Metallica (although they have a couple of ballads …) Dance hits are also not suitable: musical accompaniment should cause a desire to relax, and not start dancing.
The unobtrusive, light smell of aromatic oils will help you tune in to the right wave, so an aroma lamp, scented candles or sticks will come in handy. Here, first of all, it is important not to overdo it: the key words are “light and unobtrusive”. Well, try to find out if your partner is allergic to any of the fragrances. Otherwise, the erotic adventure may end without even starting.
Silk sheets in this case are absolutely not needed: any erotic massage requires the use of special massage oil or lubricant, which will surely be smeared all around. The main condition is cleanliness, because holes and stains of dubious origin, to put it mildly, will be distracting…
The temperature in the room should be comfortable so that there is no doubt why the partner suddenly became covered with goosebumps: is he thrilled with pleasure or is he still shivering from the cold?
Light dinner (with traditional aphrodisiacs, depending on preferences) will increase the chances of success: on the one hand, few people are able to melt with bliss when the stomach rumbles from hunger, and on the other hand, erotic experiments on a full stomach are a very dubious pleasure.