Types of massage

1. Erotic massage
2. VIP massage
3. Crazy girls
4. Prostate milking (strap-on)
5. For couples
6. Madam
7. Pip-show
8. Massage + hookah
9. Anti-stress massage
10. Swedish massage
11. Blissedness
12. Massage for ladies
13. Tantric massage
14. Lesbian show

Any kind of massage can be performed by two or three girls for you, and not just one. The choice is yours.
Types of massage

1. Erotic massage 800 UAH
Erotic massage consists of two parts: these are classic and erotic massages.
Classic body massage not only gives you pleasure, but also is an important wellness procedure. After all, massage, as you know, has a beneficial effect on muscles, joints, skin, and also on the central nervous system.

Skillful female hands of our charming women rub and knead every part of your body – neck, back, buttocks. And at that very moment when fatigue and tension leave you, there is a feeling that the girl is touching you in a completely different way. After all, her professional fingers know the secrets of your body, and it meets the bliss of pleasure.

The erotic body massage in the second part of the program will give you true pleasure: gliding over your body with your naked body, the girl will allow you to feel relaxation with the help of hands and parts of your body.

2. VIP massage 1500 UAH

VIP massage will make you feel like a real King: this type of massage includes all the additional programs provided by us.

3. Crazy Girl from 1800 UAH
This massage is performed by two girls

Crazy Girl for those who want to experience all the advantages of the situation, becoming (albeit temporarily) a true sultan surrounded by delightful concubines.

Agree, it is very pleasant to watch how a charming girl with the tip of her sensual tongue caresses the nipple of her dance partner’s breast, gently kisses her neck and passionately caresses her stomach. As a result, the charming participants of the Lesbian show will draw you into the action and will give you further tangible pleasure – in fact, an erotic massage.

4. Massage of the prostate (strapon) 800 UAH
Would you like to realize such a fantasy? Or do you just need something new? And, perhaps, you do not dare to tell about your secret desires to your partner?
Our magical fairies will give you a fantasy.

5. Massage for couples 1800 UAH
Such an erotic massage Kiev is especially pleasant if the couple gets such pleasure for the first time: when in the first minutes the partners feel a little embarrassed. Here is such a piquant nuance that will allow you to experience an unusually pleasant sensation. Erotic massage will help to enrich the gamut of sexual feelings, add courage and fresh ideas to your intimate life. When the body massage is over, our craftswomen will leave the room and you will be left alone.

The couple can make the final chord by itself, or they can leave their red-hot bodies to masseuses.

6. Madam 1500 UAH
Are you embarrassed to admit to someone your fantasies? Attracted by the idea of ​​a woman’s dominance? Do you like toys and forced caresses? Then you have come to the address! Our Lady will command you! She will become passionate for you, and then tough …

All the nuances of this program, of course, are individual. We suggest discussing them in advance by phone.

7. Peep show 700 UAH
This kind of massage will attract the attention of those who like to watch a sensual girl when she caresses her beautiful, delicate body and brings herself to orgasm. Here you will find frank affection with the use of sex toys. The girl will caress her body not only with charming hands, but will also help herself with this with the help of a vibrating dildo, will lick it with her gentle and passionate tongue … A truly charming action.

8. Oriental massage with a hookah 1050 UAH

That’s really what massage you get a truly royal pleasure. The helpful girls of our salon will prepare a hookah, having learned the most pleasant aroma in advance. You will plunge into the world of oriental luxury and feel like a truly oriental sultan surrounded by the beauties from “1001 Nights”. Gentle and warm touches on a chic bed will give you inner peace and harmony. Refined caresses will plunge you deep into erotic relaxation and ecstasy.

9. Anti-stress massage 800 UAH

Anti-stress massage – a mandatory procedure at the current pace and hectic life. During a truly healing anti-stress massage, bad thoughts and tension in the body go away, leaving only an aura of sensual bliss woven by the hands of our craftswomen.

Anti-stress massage begins with the head, massaging every cell and hair. You literally feel a surge of energy and purification of thoughts with your skin.

This procedure is shown to absolutely everyone. Head massage relieves depression, brings the nervous system into balance, eliminates headaches. You will also be surprised by the cosmetic effect of anti-stress massage – strengthening the hair and giving it strength and shine

10. Swedish 800 UAH

The Swedish massage system is based on the techniques, elements and forms of massage of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Chinese. The gentle and skillful hands of our craftswomen will introduce you to a new world of sensual pleasures, stroking, rubbing, kneading and moving with the whole body.
This massage is carried out strongly and deeply, reaching the bone as much as possible, giving completely new sensations, stretching the nerve endings.
The fingers of our craftswoman will not leave a single centimeter of the body unexplored, filling your body with completely new vivid sensations.

11. Bliss 900 UAH

The Bliss program is designed specifically for connoisseurs of a real storm of passions, pleasure and lust. An intoxicating sparkling cocktail from the art of massage and piquant eroticism, the most daring and sensual touches to your body will give you an unearthly pleasure! Our sexy beauty will give you unforgettable hot caresses of all the most erogenous points of your body, opening you a new, unexplored world of fire and raging passion

12. Massage for ladies 1000 UAH

Erotic MASSAGE FOR LADIES is no less important than for men. After all, how many fragile female shoulders are carried daily! And our lovely ladies no less, if not more, need to relax and restore vital energy. Women will feel the greatest relaxation and will be on top of the sensual Olympus.
For our visitors, the menu offers the most diverse types of massage, which are designed not only to relax, but also to restore sensuality and replenish vital energy.
We guarantee that after the first visit to our program for ladies, a woman will want to return to us again and again in order to forget about pressing problems in the hands of a skilled massage master. To achieve a peak of pleasure and harmony of body and soul.
Massage for women will prolong youthfulness, maintain tone, and others will be delighted with a mysterious gleam in the eyes and a contagious surge of energy.

13. Tantric massage 900 UAH

Incredibly sensual TANTRIC MASSAGE will affect all the most sensitive places of the human body: feet, auricles, sacrum, pelvis, prostate in men and perineum, chest, stomach. Tantric massage delivers truly indescribable pleasure, prolongs youth and produces a therapeutic effect.


Our skillful and sensual pens will make you forget from the hard working day and all urgent problems will remain in another world – outside the door of our salon. As well as complexes and prejudices, tension and inability to relax. Plunging into the world of erotic and sophisticated temptation, you will forever remain in captivity of this truly magical show, which is designed specifically for you. You can choose a masseuse girl who seems most attractive to you.

Any type of massage that we offer is aimed at releasing energy, relaxation and enjoyment. And this is not a complete list of services that we will provide you with great pleasure.

Program Additions

“Stroke a pussy” 400 UAH

It’s no secret that a person gets rid of the effects of stress when he simply strokes a cat. In this program it is allowed to stroke and kiss the pussy.

P.S: On the “red days” of the girl’s calendar, such a service is not available, so please check the availability of the service in advance.

Foot fetish 500 UAH

Such a program lasts 15 minutes. It is designed for lovers of delicious female legs. A foot fetish is, as you know, a massage performed by the feet. Amazing action. The tender, affectionate legs of our craftswoman will perform a dance of love on your body. Her little pink feet will touch the most unexpected places.

Tenderness 300 UAH

Our charming lady will cover your entire body with caresses, kisses, light touches of her nose (only the penis is excluded). Only the most affectionate and tender – at your request.