Tantric massage Kiev

Do Tantra with Delight and Delight

Тантрический массаж в Киеве
Tantric erotic massage has been known to mankind since antiquity. Like many other sensual pleasures, it originated in the countries of the east. Who, no matter how skillful oriental women, knew everything about the body structure and could make men lose their heads in pleasure. Century after century, the art of tantric massage has found more and more fans in other countries of the world.

Tantric erotic massage requires the performer special knowledge and skills in unlocking your potential, in relaxing and calming your body, in healing and rejuvenating the skin and internal organs. If your workdays have unsettled you, if the colors of the world have lost their brightness, if your tiredness prevents you from fully enjoying every day, the tantric massage will return you pep and strength in love.

Tantric body massage Kiev is a type of erotic massage Kiev based on the interaction of two energies, female and male. It is the tantric body massage that will help you relieve stress and the negative impact of the environment by immersing yourself in an erotic vacuum, where your body will be processed with gentle skillful hands.

The origins of tantric massage

He comes from Indian Yoga. Its most important distinguishing feature is the effect of massage techniques on the body area in the lower abdomen, on the buttocks and inner parts of the legs. The program is carried out by the naked bodies of our masseuses, while in different combinations essential oils and herbal infusions are used. During the session, musical melodies resembling the motifs of the Kama Sutra are heard.

The massage procedure reaches its goal after the liberation of your senses and subconscious. In the process of conducting a massage session, you gradually move to the perception of the world in a completely different way, where sensations of perception of vital energy prevail over verbal and visual sources. This removes the blockage from the world of perception embedded in our subconscious.

This process can be compared with the sensation of the body during indian yoga, where a person begins to control his body not only through muscle strength, but also by the will of subconscious thinking.

Some areas in Indian yoga call tantra the style of their life. And they are partly right. After all, constant practice of this type of massage helps to detect the “sleeping” areas of our body that are capable of spewing waterfalls of positive energy, both for ourselves and for people close to you.