Erotic massage and its varieties

Виды эротического массажа в Киеве

The essence of the procedure “erotic massage”.

The combination of intimacy and at the same time relaxation is the essence of erotic massage in Kyiv. Half-naked, beautiful girls, caresses of the body, hair and hands will deliver a whole cascade of pleasures to the client. This kind of frank and at the same time specific erotic massage Lviv can be carried out in various ways.

The most famous is the so-called body-massage. Thai massage is not less popular. There are other types of this procedure, but they are all varieties of those listed above. Let’s try to understand these main types of erotic massage.

Types of erotic massage


A session usually lasts about an hour. The massage process begins with a shower in the presence of a charming girl. Then, after a shower, you find yourself in a room where, with the help of essential oils, masseuses begin a regular, classic massage. During rubbing, you need to relax as much as possible, maybe even forget a little sleep. Then the masseuses gradually begin to process more intimate parts of the body: hips, buttocks, neck. Girls at this time begin to use both hands and body for massage. During this period, the client experiences absolute pleasure. Body massage can be with elements. This is the attraction of the art of erotic massage. Each massage parlor has its own completion of the session. Usually masseuses begin to caress intimate places and zones. The client will be pleasantly surprised by the pleasure you can get from the touch of your hands.

Thai massage

When performing a Thai massage, you will not be able to poke-mart. Unlike the classic version, you will always actively participate in this action. You will have to take all sorts of postures for maximum muscle relaxation. While the girl is doing her job, you will focus on having fun. Usually Thai erotic massage Kyiv is carried out by one or two masseuses. They will accommodate you as comfortably as possible and you will fully enjoy all the sensations of erotic massage. Manipulations will be performed using the chest, abdomen and buttocks. Specially selected aromatic oils will help you in finding true bliss. Beautiful masseuse girls will become your companions to the heights of bliss. 

Based on the foregoing, we can draw the following conclusion: erotica and massage are not only compatible, but also successfully complement each other.